We Develop Complete Branding Programs


In Naming Programs, our ultimate objective is to develop a new signature, a world-class quality name and identity for the Company or Product — a Brand identity which will project an image of absolute excellence, and which will help to promote confidence in the company and in its products and services.

In order to achieve these objectives, the name identity has to have integrity — it must be consistent with the company’s sense of itself and how it wants to be perceived. And it has to have an authentic ring.


A selection of the more than 400 award-winning Identity and Brand Image programs which we have created for clients throughout the nation and internationally. The right Logo/BrandMark captures the essence of the client – its ‘DNA’ – and, like Naming development, must have the proper balance between Memorability and Clarity.

The key features of a great brand identity are Memorability and Clarity – with memorability being the most important factor and wanting to be 80-90% of the weighting with clarity of the naming and image more like 10-20%.

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How to best tell a company’s or product’s story? How ‘edgy’ should the image and message be? What’s the right blend of text and image and infographics? All these issues are involved in our integrated design process – whether it be an Annual Report, a brochure or a data/fact sheet.

Each piece must also be translatable as an eVersion for online use.

Web Sites

Web design has changed the face of communications – and our creative web work covers a broad range of clients – from BioPharma and HighTech to Corporate to Universities and Not-for-Profits.

The challenge with each has been to capture the personality and spirit of that entity with the right blend of brand look and messaging.

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