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Comprehensive Programs

PatientKeeper is a leading provider of healthcare application software for physicians. We’ve supported its growth with everything from e-based materials to print to customer-directed campaigns.

Using visual imagery that evokes the very personal patient-doctor relationship, PK’s collateral suite illustrates the ways in which the company supports clinical effectiveness by freeing physicians from paperwork and giving them more time to focus on patient care.

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Web Banner Series

A series of web banners for the PatientKeeper home page features large visual elements promoting PK’s many product advantages for physicians and hospital administrators.

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Customer Advisory Board Meeting

PatientKeeper’s CAB meetings build a critical sense of user community with customers and partner hospitals. We promote these meetings with unique event identities and multiple support materials which heighten the value of these conferences to potential attendees.

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Medical Users Software Exchange Conference

Informational Postcard Handout

Our comprehensive conference program is an integrated set including postcard mailers/handouts, schedule posters, banner stands and booth graphics. All coordinate with the pre-conference promotion web banners.

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MUSE15 Schedule Poster
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