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“Our role is to craft and execute customized partnering and financing strategies designed to meet the specific desires, needs, and goals of every client company and each investor.”

That’s how Locust Walk, one of the nation’s leading biopharma and life sciences consultants, describes the guiding principle on which it operates. It also accurately describes our collaborative approach to branding and design. That synergy is reflected in the new collateral suite we developed for Locust Walk.

National Design Awards
Locust Walk Web


Locust Walk’s new website and brand look supports its guiding principle by employing bold biotech/pharma imagery contrasted with clean, subtle typography. The effect: a compelling brand that conveys strength, knowledge, innovation, and transparency.

Locust Walk Web

Locust Walk Fact Sheet


Innovative. Clean. Compelling. As core elements of this integrated program, Locust Walk’s print and collateral pieces coordinate with the visual themes of the website to convey the company’s brand promise. All collateral are designed to work equally well in print and online.

Locust Walk Infographic


A custom look – reflecting the company’s unique value proposition – was developed for the Locust Walk infographic program.