Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston

JCC Brochure

Capital Campaign

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston’s Re-imagining the JCC campaign is about a lot more than bricks and mortar. It’s about building the future. A future that embraces diversity and offers programs for pre-school children, seniors, and everyone in between. A future envisioned and built by a strong, dynamic community.

Such an expansive vision calls for BIG campaign collateral.

★ National Design Award

JCC Brochure
The vibrancy of our oversized campaign brochure echoes the vitality of the JCC. Original photography – featuring identifiable members of the community – punctuates compelling narrative and quotes developed by our content partner, SilverBranch Communications. Large infographics capture the opportunity and impact of the JCC’s plans.

The JCC’s bright, easily scanned campaign brochure engages the reader at every level – just like the JCC itself.

JCC Brochure
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