Harvard Brain Science Initiative

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This contemporary brandmark symbolizes the dynamic connections within the synapses of the human brain and conveys the innovative neuroscience work underway at Harvard University, from the Cambridge campus to Longwood Medical.

It represents the innumerable complexities of the physical structure and the ever-expanding neuroscience research being pursued while expressing both as a unified recognizable form.


National Design Awards


hbi website


Harvard Brain Science Initiative’s website demonstrates the full scope and breadth of this new Initiative – spanning more than 500 faculty, researchers and physicians who collaborate across almost every neuroscience discipline at Harvard, from research to applied science to medicine and law. The site captures abundant information in a visual context that conveys the highly engaging, high-tech energy of the work.


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Branding/Business Cards
hbi lecture series poster

Lecture Series

This poster, distributed university-wide, is designed to promote the presentation of a lively demonstration and panel discussion on how our brains can enhance our athletic performance.

Presented jointly by The Harvard Varsity Club and HBSI.

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