Baystate Health Foundation

Comprehensive Brand Look Program

Building on our design of the Foundation’s visual vocabulary, we created an integrated visual set of materials for print and online use. The key messages for all of these pieces are community, working together – and, above all, impact.


★ National Design Award



The tri-annual 8 pp newsletter features warm, original photo imagery – featuring identifiable members of the Baystate community – and stories, developed by our content partner SilverBranch Communications, about the impact of Baystate’s care on its patients’ lives. Always front and center: the role that donors to the Baystate Health Foundation play in making that care possible.

Annual Report

The Foundation’s Annual Report wraps its donor listing in feature stories and personalized leadership messages that illustrate the impact of philanthropy in the lives of patients.

Corporate Folder


Fact Sheet Templates

Note/Thank You Cards

No detail was too small to be well designed as part of the overall program.